Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lemon cream by Mercotte

Yesterday morning, I delved deeply into the blog 'la cuisine de Mercotte', and was full of admiration for the 'in-a-glass' recipes... After doing 1001 chores, if finally locked myself in the kitchen, put up a 'Do not Disturb' on the door, and set about testing for myself, the les verres crème citron , and les verrines multicolores.
Result: Brilliant, inspired recipe. I'll do better next time with the presentation. And maybe a little less lemon juice (of course, I short-cut on weighing the lemon-juice, even though I know that as far as patissery is concerned the 'approximate' is just not good enough!). Anyhow, the mix of the lemon and the fruit syrup was delicious.
For the starters, apart from my slightly oversized glasses, it was perfect. What a wonderful mixture of flavours!
Caviar d'aubergine, oeufs brouillés
Tapenade, tomates concassées, oeufs mimosas.

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bcinfrance said...

Moi aussi, je viens de me lancer dans des de m'inscrire à Food Blog's Cool...

I'm TOO impressed by your having the blog in English and in French! A lot of my French friends are complaining about my blog being just in English -- but it seems like so much work to do both!

De toute façon, ton blog est super joli et je l'ajoute tout de suite partout!