Monday, May 29, 2006

Delights from Turkey

Izmir is the capital of the western province of Turkey. It's a very pleasant, modern city situated on the magnificent gulf of Izmir, one of the finest the Agean has to offer. A quick culinary tour of Turkey...

Cooking that for me is similar to greek, based on cereales, fruits, vegetables and fish. But let's start with the Raki, it's the national aperitif, known as 'lion's milk'. With a strong liqourice flavour, it's served diluted in water, to accompany the 'mezze' dishes. The glass is placed in a ice block to keep it cool, ingenious!
hors-d'oeuvres or "Meseler"
Seeweed salad, stuffed mussels, calamars à la tomate, aubergine caviar, tatziki, fried shrimps, white beans in oil.
Large choice of olives...
Fried shrimp with red peppers, calamar skewer kebab

Grilled sea-bass with liver skewerChoice of fresh fish

Desserts "tatlilar" and Fruit "meyvalar", and of course the famous Turkish coffee, accompanied by the 'lukum'

The short trip over, and soon heading home...

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